What happens when we connect powerful applications?

Having worked in technology and education for many years, I’ve always been interested in making connections between devices, applications and people.  Connections between applications for example, either on the desktop or over a network can greatly multiply the value of each, and often in surprising ways.  Add the ever-decreasing cost-of-entry to web-based communications, and the changing nature of technology in everyday lives, and you’ve got a compelling platform for personal productivity and business opportunity.


My interest in connecting people and applications extends to, and is informed by my professional life — managing Information Technology for a college in a major university.  Here, the interconnected nature of our modern world touches on faculty, students, and the teaching, learning and research where they engage.


This website explores the interconnected nature of our modern world and especially the places where specific applications intersect on computer desktops and the Internet.  Improving productivity where interconnected applications create powerful work flows that magnify individual creativity.